Executive making things happen

Thiruvananthapuram: In India, the executive has powers to make things happen if they really wish so. We are finding such things happening in the Transport department in Kerala, thanks to a committed effort on the part of the executive wing. 
The blunt revelations by the KSRTC CMD Biju Prabhakar against few of its officials and financial misappropriation appears to be marching to a logical conclusion. He meant business in the corporation and to set things right. Though his actions were opposed by trade unions, the authorities appear to be going ahead with a will to get things to work for the better. 
That apart, a recent state-wide operation in booking the vehicles which have cooling stickers on its glass is also going strong. More than 900 vehicles which had sun films or cooling stickers on their windows and glasses were booked under the Motor Vehicle Department’s 'Operation Screen' drive launched on Sunday. Penalties were also imposed for offences like improper number plates, helmet-less driving, and the alike. The department has hinted on continuing with the drive to nab violators of rules with respect to vehicles and driving rules. Thanks to the centralised nation-wide vehicles management system - VAHAN, no offender could escape formalities once caught and booked by any Road Transport Authority in India. The official who booked the vehicle will generate an e-challan which will be uploaded in VAHAN. No further transaction of the vehicle will be possible without paying the fine and getting it cleared on VAHAN. 
The rules of cooling films and curtains on glasses also apply to all including bureaucrats, peoples representatives and all those who feel they are above the law. The rule to do away with cooling papers has been directed by the apex court as a fall out of the Nirbhaya case. However, the authorities were shying away from implementing the court directive for years now. 
Tinted glasses with 30 [%] cooling, done as part of manufacturing, is however permitted. No additional cooling or covering, other than that was built-in in new vehicles, will be permitted. This would be made applicable to all types of vehicles, including ambulances. Those who were booked and e-challan raised on the vehicle will have to remove the stickers, curtains or films within three days and produce the vehicle for inspection at the RT office. If in case the violator is caught for a second time with cooling stickers on their vehicle redone, the registration certificate of the vehicle would be cancelled. 
Let's hope the enthusiasm and will power on the part of the Motor Vehicle department would sustain. A firm and committed stance of the executive can bring in discipline and order in our daily life and ensure rule of law.

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