Bihar with BJP as NDA beats MGB

Patna: Modi, BJP and Bihar have done it again. Modi Magic has worked in Bihar once again. The fight was tight for the BJP-led NDA this time in Bihar. The Maha Gad Bandan (MGB) of RJD - Congress team was expected to sweep the elections. And almost all pre and exit polls forecasted a massive win for MGB. Predictions pointed that MGB was all set to shatter BJP-led NDA in Bihar. The campaign by 31-year old Thejaswi Yadav of the RJD and backed by Congress was fierce all around. But nothing of that sort happened when counting of votes began last day morning.
The NDA-JDU has been ruling the state for 15 years. Normally, there is likely to be some anti-incumbency factor working against the incumbent Government. But it appears there is no anti-incumbency against the Nitish Kumar Government. The NDA pulled down the MGB by winning more seats than it secured in 2015. The double-engined NDA-JDU were rallying over the MGB's challenge in a big way.
The people of Bihar appear to have favoured the experienced and credible duo of Modi and Nitesh. The coalition had the late Paswan’s LJD also with them. However, the LJD stood alone this time and couldn't gain much. At the end of the day, the superhero of the rat race for power is BJP.The JDU and Chief Minister Nidesh Kumar suffered some setbacks. 
The fact of the matter is simple. The BJP is still strong across India, so also in Bihar. The RJD has failed to light up its “lantern” once again. The Congress continues to perform its pathetic perfomance. The supporters of the BJP have been shouting slogans ridiculing the MGB as, “Mar Gaya Bhai”. Yes, the Maha Gad Bandan has had a death in Bihar.
Neither the Covid19 pandemic nor the unified effort of the opposition parties could shift people’s loyalty for Narendra Modi and the BJP.  The BJP's election strategies appear to be working well in Bihar. 
Apart from Bihar, the bye-poll results in Madhya Pradesh also clearly indicate the strength of the BJP. In Gujarat also the BJP is making its presence strong all again. The by-poll results in Uttar Pradesh too is on the BJP way. The bye-election in Uttarakhand and Karnataka are also in favour of the BJP. Saffron is the new reality in India. 

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