Not just one many in Kerala CM''s office under scanner

Thiruvananthapuram: Cases after cases and revelations after revelations are emerging out since Gold smuggling through the diplomatic channel at Thiruvananthapuram airport. These are coming as offshoots of Swapna’s deposition before various investigating agencies. In the first instance, the gold scam exposed the import of the Quran and the Commission in Life Mission. Now more and more revelations and anomalies by the CM office are coming out. It appears that every project initiated or executed by Pinarayi Government had ulterior motives. Swapna in collusion with Sivasankar had plotted everything. There was underplay in every deal Sivasankaran struck on behalf of the LDF Government. And the latest exposure points directly at the Chief Minister’s office. And the latest report of the ED has raised serious allegations against CMs office. This was revealed in ED’s application to court seeking extension of custody Sivasankar. The report says not only Sivasankar but few others in CMs office were known of gold smuggling. The smuggling was not just gold but included electronic equipment also. The team in CM’s office also knew the undercuts and corrupt deals in Life Mission, Smart City and K-Fon project, the report points out. Construction firm Unitac’s owner Santhosh Eppen stood as middlemen for all these deals. The ED has reported these on the basis of deposition by Swapna and Sivasankar. Now the opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala has lambasted Pinarayi Vijayan and LDF Government. He has sought explanation from the Chief Minister for all misdeeds by his office. Chennithala has lashed out saying the CM’s office had laundered money through projects. The CM’s office was the epicentre of all malpractices and smuggling activities. The Chief Minister has no moral or political authority to hang on to the position. There were undercuts in IT@School project also. Most of the equipment supplied was expired. Pinarayi and Kodiyeri were mutually backing to save their face from these grave anomalies and get rid of investigation by various agencies. The type of offences are unheard of in any state, Chennithala says. It was under the pressure of the Chief Minister that Ministers plan to launch agitation against central agencies. But this is nothing but absurdity that a Ministry revolts against agencies that probe financial misdeeds of very serious nature. Pinarayi has stopped audits in civic bodies. This was aimed at containing fact finding by the auditors the misappropriation of funds. Where is Pinarayi heading to. Senior Marxist leaders have lost ground under their feet. No wonder veterans like Ananathalavattam Anandan was heard shouting in a TV channel. Not son, even the secretary’s “thantha” (father) will go behind bars for sins they committed.

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